Live Ecofriendly!

EcoFriendly Definition

EcoFriendly Definition David Chiles
EcoFriendly Definition

First, organic is sustainable for us. Then, we often say, “green”. Thus, Go green means takes action to live sustainably. Given, our past practices can no longer be maintained. So, we are at the center of a cultural transition. Still, not there. Next, is Info Age:

  1. Natural 
  2. Sustainable 
  3. Green

What Does Ecofriendly Mean?

Society’s core value, literally. Therefore, naturally sustainable relationships with living organisms. It follows, tips to prevent harm to our world. So, it’s bigger than me and you.

3 Steps For Going Green

  1. To start, ecology is natural environment.
  2. After, friends show affection.
  3. Hence, our lifestyle.

Given, preservation of life is the first application of our social environment.

So, thou shall not kill. Violence is bad. Peace is good.

However, got it. In any event, get it. And so, be good. Finally, go green!