Spinach Leafy Green

Spinach Leafy Green Healthy Holiday

Today, Spinach Leafy Green Healthy Holiday. And so, good for our body. Given, has chlorophyll. Also, an antioxidant with alpha-lipoic acid. In addition, nutrients.

It’s in our blood. Popeye eats it. For real, helps those of us with diabetes. Improves life expectancy. Lowers risks.

No problem, a staple of diets all around the world. A crop we grow. So, part of a lot of meals. An ingredient in recipe’s. Often, in the main course. Plus, as side dish.

Spinach Leafy Green

We celebrate the goodness of this green super food on March 26. Thus, a healthy holiday. American folklore made it famous in Popeye cartoons.

Our favorite American sailor man, Popeye, toots his pipe in a song. Then, reminds us to eat it. He has a lot of muscles. Hence, we know it makes us strong.

Therefore, contains nutrients. It follows, a natural remedy for a lot of stuff. As a result, considered a super food.

Fights cancer. Helps with blood flow. Plus diabetes. We can eat it instead of taking magnesium supplements. All around awesome.

Spinach Leafy Green Nutrients


A compound in hemoglobin. Protein essential for oxygen in our blood.


Compound in our bones. Mineral that builds strength. Also, heals us.


Bone structure compound. A chemical.


As mentioned earlier, it is a staple of our diet. But, many could use more. For example, women are known to be magnesium deficient.

Hence, prepare recipe’s as a natural remedy. Personally, salads, wraps, and Joe’s special are my favorites. Then, something I eat regularly.

In any event, something we need to include in our diet if we do not already. Next, look for it. Also, substitute. Finally, know what to look for. Last, we harvest it as baby green.

Spinacia Oleracea

  • Savoy – Cold weather crop. Deep green leafs.
  • Semi-Savoy – Home gardeners choice. Good looking grow.
  • Leaf – Smooth. Good looking. Preferred for processing.