Solar Panels

Solar Panels for Residential Homes Rooftops

Solar Panels for Residential Homes Rooftops

Solar Panels for Residential Homes depend on financing. Given, some come with liens and leases. First, Photovoltaic (PV) cells placed on homeowners roofs. Hence, capture photons from sun. Then, converts them into electricity.

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  • Green Tech Electric Conversion

Solar Panels for Residential Home Rooftop

An energy conservation method. Thus, we do a home energy audit first. Financing companies salespeople do one too. Reduces use of non-renewable power sources. Then, it’s first of the three r’s. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Breaks down like this.

  • Cell
  • Module
  • Panel
  • Array

To explain, a group of PV Cells are called a module. Then, several modules make up a system. After, a group makes up an array. Also, groups are in farms. Equally, systems on roofs. So, common for eco-friendly property. Hence, conserves resources, lowers costs.

Given, rooftop systems catch the sun’s rays. Next, convert them into electricity we use in homes. Thus, photo-voltaic (PV) cells are used to convert.

Residential Rooftop Solar Panels

Made of two types of silicon, metal conductors, and wires. Thus, silicon is a semiconductor used to absorb the sun’s rays. Then, metal conductors.

Next, transfers electric charge, voltage, that runs through the silicon. And so, current goes to the wires. Finally, wires meet at junction boxes. Bring energy into the home.

Anti-reflective coating prevents energy loss. Glass cover protects the cells from the environment. Adds value to property. A lot of things to consider.

Green Technology Electrical Products

Green technology electrical products are eco-friendly. New ways to keep our environment sustainable. Clean energy is popular.

Hence, power companies, goverments, and other organizations offer incentives. Depending on who you ask, energy independence is great or an eye sore. So, incentives are there for a reason. Good people need to take the lead.

Invest in green tech. Many top companies make great new systems. Share with friends. Educate others. Be smart.

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