Sharrow Bike Lane Arrow Car Driving Narrow

Sharrow Bike Lane Arrow Car Driving Narrow

Fatbike Street Ride Example

Insiders know. Have to let bikers go. When we see a sharrow. A sharing arrow street lane sign. Outsiders must think, WTF! Seeing new lane signs is confusing.

A lot of engineering is behind the new markings. So, part of the cycling culture. We have to share the road. These roads with arrows are special.

On the other hand, bike lanes are different. Also, priority with special marking in some places. Hence, driving a bicycle is encouraged. Given, it is ecofriendly.

Driving cars is discouraged because of carbon emissions. In the first place, we are drawing new lanes. As a result, harder for cars to drive. Then, we restrict use with tolls and taxes.

In any event, bikes are becoming a preferred method of transportation. Public transit gets us close enough to ride our bikes. Smart cities are building the infrastructure.

Sharrow Bike Lane Arrow

Reminds me of Super Mario Kart. Looks like something we ride over for extra speed. Two direction signs pointing together. A bike logo.

Signs are bi directional. Go both ways on some streets. Not on others. Look carefully. Expect others will not. Insiders know. Outsiders don’t.

Then, bikers follow because it helps. Cars are more aware. Also, routes designed for public transit stations. But, not a separate lane.

A direction to travel on a specific road. Less traffic in most cases. Designed to get us somewhere.

Bike Lanes

We get more room in our own space. A line drawn between bikes and cars separates the two. Hence, more legal protection.

However, we still need to watch out. Cars turning right are a hazard. In addition, parked cars.

Also, curbs separate lanes. Then, two way bike lanes on one side of the street. Not always two directions.

Plus, different color. In most cases, green. Sometimes, blue. Visible to all around.

Right turns are something to watch out for. Traffic signs state no right turn on red. But, outsiders might not get it.

Now you know. Watch out for the sharrow!