Natural Landscape Lawn

Natural Landscape Lawn Alternatives

Natural Landscape Lawn Alternatives

Natural landscape lawn alternatives are less of a hassle. Thus, more of a benefit to us. So, we can be creative.

  1. Organic over known harm.
  2. Plants instead of grass.
  3. Reasons to get new turf.

Duh! Huh! Yeah, it’s that obvious. Chemicals in weed killer kill us too. So, we started a change for the better.

Given, non organic stuff causes known plus unknown harm. Then, we put chemicals on soil. Next, gets into our water and food. And so, animals eat off their food. Also, water absorbs.

Natural Landscape Lawn Alternatives

Plants over known harm. First, do not use stuff that hurts us on our yards. After, put low maintenance plants in.

  • Low growing plants.
  • Vegetable garden.
  • Trees no grass.
  • Flower bed.

Turf plants instead of grass is the solution. Then, must be low maintenance. Various blends exist. Also, native to climate. In addition, others don’t want to see a mess.

American Yards

To start, the history of lawn care in America. Truly an American style.

  • 1830 Lawnmower
  • 1876 World’s Fair Philadelphia
  • 1888 1st Golf Course in New York
  • 1960’s USA Civil Rights Era
  • 1970 Monsanto Discovers Glyphosate
  • 2018 US Lawyers Place Ads For Us To Sue

In any event, we got grass in the United States of America (USA), Europe grew the seeds. Before, created from the Industrial Revolution or slaves. However you want to put it. Rich or royal, only way to afford it in 1700’s.

Hence, it gained popularity in the USA. For example, Thomas Jefferson had a lawn, slaves, and freed them upon death. Now, we know it is a waste of our resources.

Thus, a sense of English pride is part of our desire for nice grass. But, French Royalty is known for their gardens of the time. Competition, keeping up with each other is the root of it.

Reasons To Replace Lawn

  1. Less pesticides in our water.
  2. Not as much CO2 in air we breath.
  3. Turf plants increase soil quality.
  4. Less flooding from storms.

First, we know better know. Second, competition for clean green makes us eco-friendly. Lastly, out with the old in the new.