National Green Building Standard

National Green Building Standard NGBS

National Green Building Standard NGBS

National Green Building Standard NGBS is for eco-friendly homes. However, a United States (US) group only. Then, a buying guide, sort of. And so, promotes sustainable construction.

  • 4 Levels
  • 2 Inspections

Green verifier has to view twice. Actual onsite visual. Really, takes a good look.

But, design comes first. Also, healthy living is overarching goal. Thus, part of the mission of its ANSI endorsement.

Yes, it’s part of the US real estate market. In addition, related to green tech. Given, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is associated. Since, voluntary regulation. Then, norms are practices for sales. So, good residential deals. Smooth moves.

National Green Building Standard NGBS

Lets us know what we are moving into to a certain degree. National Green Business Standard. It follows, there are four types.

  1. Single Family: Houses for sale. Home sales tool. Value added benefits from certainty.
  2. Multi-Family: Apartments for rent. Really, commercial property. But, people do live here. So, a factor.
  3. Remodel: Rebuilds for greener lives. Raises quality of life. Also, property value by design.
  4. Land: Guide to develop in an eco-friendly way.

Literally, there is a home finder search tool on their website. Then, results are for green living. Before, building norms must certify to be in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Levels give insight into unique amenities locations provide. Lifestyle, financing, and trends influence rankings. We gain a better understanding of property values. Thus, informed decisions are made.

Sustainable Construction Guidelines

To start, sustainability in building projects. But, design comes first. After, sales are a measure.

Green ways go in. Designed for ecofriendly lives. Build starts off with supplies. As a result, low carbon footprint living, emission.

NGBS is similar to LEED. Only, specific to the US. LEED applies to worldwide projects. On the other hand, sales and rental marketing are more of its focus. Includes multi-family and apartments.

To end, local rules. But, a real big deal. NGBS gets support from ANSI. ANSI is part of ISO. Last, green tech defined.