LEED Certified Green Real Estate

LEED Certified Green Real Estate USGBC

Green Real Estate USGBC

LEED certified green real estate. So, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Given, a United States Green Building Council (USGBC) acronym. After all, rates property to a high level.

  • Property Value
  • Green Real Estate

LEED Certified Green Real Estate

Then, we use green tech to qualify for certain categories. Must have a range of points in each level. After, totals are certified. Also, standards apply around the world. Thus, all types of projects qualify, home, mixed use, and more.

  • Certified
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

‘Health is wealth’, shows in capital value, trends, and fun. Hence, higher value is placed on eco-friendly living. Equally, trends are forming. For instance, fitness and food are popular lifestyles. LEED projects are builds to enable the ‘good life’.

It follows, LEED Certified Green Real Estate requirements are taken into account during appraisal. As a result, Green building materials and other factors. So, the program increases property value.

LEED Levels of Home Property Value

First, appraised higher. Next, sells faster. Given, barriers to financing are lower for qualified buyers. Then price is premium. Also, property value is top of the market.

In any event, loans are less risky. For example, Energy star appliances get better loan rates overall. However, access to financing can be hard. Who knew?

Now, we know what it takes. Hence, certification increases property value. But, living a sustainable life is the goal. To illustrate, walk-ability is a factor. Take a walk.

LEED Green Real Estate

Green real estate takes steps to prevent harm to our environment. LEED building practices do as a prerequisite. Actual construction and design factors are evaluated for credit. Then, applied to levels for ranking.

Finally, health is behind green real estate. Then, we are planning on engaging each other for fresh air. After all, we can agree to clean up waterways to enjoy a swim.

Along those lines, driving is discouraged. So, we can enjoy the great outdoors together. Public transportation is encouraged. Biking. Live the life.


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