Green Construction Building Materials

Green Construction Building Materials

Green Construction Building Materials

Green construction building materials are generally same for remodel, residential and commercial builds. Given, low carbon emissions products and practices go in. Then, eco-friendly sustainable property is built out.

  1. Reclaimed Wood
  2. Bamboo
  3. Green Walls
  4. Recycled Materials
  5. Low or Zero VOC

Green Construction Building Materials

Green means eco-friendly. Thus, reduce, reuse, recycle gets us started. It follows, standards are rising. After, structures built to withstand disaster. Then, really sustainable.

So, big projects can be more eco-friendly in all areas. Hence, green design takes more research. Therefore, contractors must be green builders.

Reclaimed Wood

Get it back. Then, wood that has been used before is reused again. However, uses of it are somewhat limited. But, saves a lot of trees. Alternatively, wood that has the Forest Stewardship Council certification is considered eco-friendly.

Reclaimed wood is used. Given, for esthetics, as wall covering. Also, products. Pallets, for example.

Thus, we purchase by the foot in the store. Hence, up to our imagination on how to use it. Products are made out of it. Then, sold in the store as well.


Bamboo is a green construction material. So, we look for it. Similar to products made with recycled goods. As a result, used as a replacement for wood.

Given, harvested without cutting down the plant. So, use is sustainable. Since, we can easily grow more.

Green Walls

Green walls are insulated with plants. There are green roofs too. You know, those rooftop gardens we are beginning to notice. Lower energy use. Then, reduce power bills.

Recycled Materials

Many types of building materials may contain a percentage of recycled material. For example, a toilet seat can be made from recycled material. Something we have to look for when purchasing materials and supplies outside of this store.

Large scale projects do it by design. When selling your home it is something you have to tell the agent and appraiser about. When purchasing a home it is something to ask about.


Painting a room is a home improvement project and a remodel. Painting the house inside and out is a remodel. The type of paint used in construction is residential and or commercial construction. Low VOC or Zero VOC paint should be used. It is eco-friendly.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. It is bad for us and the environment. There are two zero VOC paint brands in the store. VOC is in more than just paint. It is in most construction compounds. Primer and sealant as well as a lot of other stuff. Look for the low VOC label.