Green City

Green City Smart Clean Tech Definition

Green city smart clean tech. WTF! For example, we use three bins for waste in my hometown. Very smart. Given, it works to reduce waste.

  1. Discouraged Driving
  2. Waste Reduction
  3. Renewable Energy

To understand, efficiency is what were acting on. It follows, new techniques use less for more. As a result, we conserve to preserve. Ecofriendly on a city wide basis.

Green City Smart Clean Tech

Zero waste is a buzz word for sustainability. Means reduce, reuse, and recycle is something we agree on. Basically, real estate enables more efficient practices.

Then, society changes practices. And so, a tipping point is reached to make an area clean green. Standards must be in place.

In general, 30% reduction in waste is a certified standard. Relative to traditional practices. So, we are competing for new methods.

Green City

A green city is doing stuff to protect inhabitants environment for health and safety. I get it, but no one likes it. This instead of that changes why content is consumed online.

In any event, smart is where we are going. On the other hand, we are not stupid. Let’s not fight about it.

First, accept progress. Next, be smart about it. Macro and micro. Macro is an entire metropolitan area. Micro is personal


In the first place, Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology is Smart. OMG, conspiracy theory right off the bat. Cell phone is mark of the beast. Don’t forget it.

Seriously, use our phones. Don’t let them use us. Like good oversight. Watch the overseer.

We need to engage in our own government in a principles sense. Make positive decision for ourselves based on good info. And so, allow others to help us do it.

Clean Tech

Renewable energy is not dirty. However, we are just getting started. Given, sun shines enough to power us. Then, solar is one aspect.

Also, dams are less harmful than other methods. But, has to be new method to get more from less. However, could be a component of a 100% renewable real estate.

To end, top three goals are good for us. In order for us to like it, we must be compelled. For now, let’s have some ecofriendly competition.