LEED Certified Green Real Estate USGBC


LEED certified green real estate. So, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Given, a United States Green Building Council (USGBC) acronym. After all, rates property to a high level.

  • Property Value
  • Green Real Estate
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Water Classification For Fresh Potable H20

Water classification for fresh potable H20. Thus, our limited supply. 3% is fresh. 1% of potable is accessible. So, classify with color for further understanding. Also, other classes exist. In any event, we are dealing with our own consumption.

  • Classification colors.
  • Potable water supply.

Blue is as it should be. Clean for drinking. Safe for human consumption.

Green is generally good to use. Air quality can make bad.

Gray can be contaminated. Also, known to get into municipal supplies.

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Home Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Home rainwater harvesting systems are a solution to a water conservation issue. Thus, we can all reuse. Given, in different ways. So, principle reason being access to clean water. In addition, amount required to generate power. However, more practical reasons exist for installation. Basically as follows:

  • Irrigation for gardens.
  • Supplement wells that don’t have enough.
  • Instead of contaminated.
Home Rainwater Harvesting
Home Rainwater Harvesting
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Smart Homes Apps, Fixtures, Features

Smart Homes Apps & Fixtures

Smart homes fixtures and gadgets. Really, we mean efficient with phone apps. Given, no one wants a stupid home. We all have smartphones.

  • Apps
  • Fixtures
Smart Homes
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Highway Transportation Real Estate Development

Highway Transportation Real Estate

Highway transportation real estate development road construction. Thus, a good express way makes homes in the area worth more. Then, road construction is a good sign of a strong economy.

  • Seattle Alaskan Way Viaduct Closure
  • Smart Green Highways
Highway transportation real estate
Highway transportation real estate
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Sustainable Gardening Home Landscaping


Sustainable gardening home landscaping is eco-friendly. Given, we prefer ways that leave little or no carbon footprints. Thus, going green at home includes outdoors.

  • 3 Tips For Sustainable Gardens
  • Tools For Eco-friendly Landscaping
Compost Pile
3 Compost Bins
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3 Fitness Health Tips

3 Tips To Transform To Healthy Happy Friendly Fit

3 fitness health tips to transform us, not make us skinny. Maybe, lose a few pounds. Given, before after weight loss images are well liked. Then, we want to see you at your best. So, you know how much of a difference it will make in our personal lives. Hence, do it for us and it’s for you too.

  • Tips
  • Healthy
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