Fat Bike Ecotour

Fat Bike Ecotour Adventure Snowpocalypse

Seattle Snowpocalypse 2019

To start, epic. Next, Fat bike ecotour adventure Seattle Snow pocalypse 2019. And so, Winter storm brought out the good people to play in the Pacific Northwest.

Thus, an awesome adventure. Given, through intermodal transport. Then, had to be there. Hence, inspiration for all to get outdoors.

First, my bike ride is a tour because there were three modes of transport. Plus, another activity. Turns out, travel was required.

Next, safety first. After, itinerary. Therefore, a few tips. Also, most other cycling advice applies.

But, a few special ways to ride safe in the snow. Understand, keep in mind.

  1. Low tire pressure.
  2. Sit. Don’t slide.
  3. Steer straight ahead.

Fat Bike Ecotour Adventure Seattle Snow Apocalypse 2019

Family friendly, good clean fun. As a result, adventure travel. Turns out, a priceless tour.

Main attraction, Washington Park Arboetum University of Washington Botanical Gardens.

First, no public transportation into park due to inclement weather. So, drive bike close. Trails begin at Madison Street and Lake Washington Boulevard, Seattle, WA.

It follows, many trails and cut backs. Also, benches, signs, and viewpoints. In addition, a paved service road goes along back.

Three major stops in the main attraction after start. First, look out is a stone structure. Second, pond has benches. Third, bridge has a sign.

  1. Trailhead
  2. Viewpoint: Breath taking. Really, at the top. And so, use paved road to get there. Thus, downhill after.
  3. Pond: Priceless experience. Never been to a pond that was frozen over. And so, a life event.
  4. Foot Bridge: Finally, end of the road. For real, sign says dismount bikes.

After, light rail to Capitol Hill station from University of Washington. Then, Snowpocalypse dance party at Cal Anderson park.

Adventure Travel Experience

Along the way, pure adrenalin kept me going. Also, a snack to bike, light rail, and walk. Kids sledding smile and cheer. In any event, fat bikes get attention.

All the encouraging words made it happen. Given, tweeted a pic. Then, a like. Now, a category, ecotourism. In addition, hashtag, adventure travel.

You know how they those disclaimers on videos of people doing crazy things. This ride would be crazy for anyone else. I do it all the time. The awe on a couple faces requires the statement.

Do something for an adrenaline rush outdoors.