Electric Vehicle EV

Electric Vehicle EV List of Hybrid Cars

Electric Vehicle EV List

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Electric vehicle list of hybrid cars. Given, not that simple. Then, it’s complicated. First, we must classify three types of EV road automobiles. Last, a list of popular models. EV’s must have motor and wheels. We are riding and driving to get somewhere.

  1. No Gas Cars
  2. Hybrid Vehicles
  3. Public Transportation Busses

To start, using motors without emissions is clean. Then, less is more better for us. Therefore, helps air quality. Plus, we think it is contributing to Global Warming.

So, carbon emissions are harmful to us. In addition, all around. Yet, we still use a lot of carbon emitting fuel. So, to be ecofriendly we use transportation with alternative energy sources.

Electric Vehicle

A form of transportation that is powered by at least one electric motor. In any event, could be more. Also, includes other types. Hence, a close association with the term hybrid.

Road automobiles is what we think of as an EV. Then, climate hawks there must be some interpreting going on. Yet, we have some trains that use hydrogen.

Strictly, could include trains. In addition, ebikes. Still, we are on the right track. 2019 autos are using established brands to integrate hybrids.

Electric Vehicle List of Hybrid Cars

On one hand, busses with trolley wires are little carbon footprint. In fact, an electric vehicle is better for our environment than petroleum. Well, using bus in general conserves resources.

But, cars can too. However, to different degree. Super efficient petroleum fuel cars and trucks are trendy. Hence, many manufacturers. Also, a lot of models.

Hybrid cars use a small amount of gas to generate electric power. Thus, uses both. And so, a kind of EV. Not really, but were getting there.


  • Prius
  • Camry
  • Avalon


  • Accord
  • Clarity
  • Insight


  • Volt
  • Bolt
  • Malibu

Nissan Leaf and Ford Fusion deserve an honorable mention. However, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet are ecofriendly. Really, reducing the release of harmful particles in our air is cool.

New Models

More new models are coming. This, 2019 model year has a lot to offer. As a result, we are less dependent on fossil fuel. And so, things are changing.

Hence, Ebikes are on the rise. Thus, green tech is making healthy living happen. Road changes are already happening. For real, street lines and signs for bikes, cars, and busses. Which lane you getting in?

Yep, driving is not going to be the same. First, drive to the train station with ebike. Next, train to bus. Last, a quick ride up hill. Let’s say, an hour and a half. Alternatively, two and a half hours in the car lane. Or else, high density neighborhoods near work.

All Electric Cars

All electric cars are popular. Tesla is the biggest car maker of this type. Thus, several models. Lineup includes sports cars, family sedan, and sport utility vehicles.

BMW recently showed off their own. A concept car. And so, model name is iNext. Reports of 435 mile battery range are on the internet.

In any event, battery power is all electric. Therefore, we must charge them. It follows, charging stations are similar to gas stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

First, charging stations have levels. Next, manufacturers and others offer them. Also, home is where our charger is.

Now, Tesla and Chargepoint stations are included in Google Maps. However, don’t leave home without a full charge.

Charging is slow. Thus, different levels. Higher is faster. So, now you know. Hybrid vehicles are taking us to a charging station near you.

Given, we buy more when they are around. After that, more are being built. On top of that, it’s better for us. So, do it now. At least, a hybrid. Catch the bus. Conserveto preserve.