Deforestation, Global Warming, & Climate Change

Forest Removal

Deforestation, global warming, and climate change. To start, plants make air we breathe. Next, forest cutting kills plants. Then, earth warms. Thus, change is an effect.

Now, a ‘greenhouse effect’ is raising temperatures. Also, carbon in our air is the ‘glass’ surrounding the earth in this comparison. So, makes us hotter. Given, heat is trapped in.

Warmer weather is a different climate. As a result, science measures. Then, we manage. But, could be something else too. Really, earth had to be warmer before ice formed.

Deforestation, Global Warming, & Climate Change

Ice melts in Arctic show land unseen. On one hand, less oxygen in air. On the other, more carbon gas.

Before, we had to be a lot warmer. Also, humans were here then. Given, we found burial remains in caves older than ice. It follows, belief in God when world was a forest.

So, connection to plants is natural. Religious in meaning. And, in a sense. Then, our senses are telling us to be organic.

Thus, we measure effects. Next, solutions are developed to mitigate change. For example, replanting.

What is deforestation?

Removal of trees, flora, and fauna kills a forest. Therefore, puts an end to an ecosystem. As a result, barren land.

Effects of Deforestation

More is effected than our weather. To start, almost half of our air comes from the rain forests. So, loss of breathable air is an effect. First, it is killing us.

Next, species die off. Animals only in certain areas are endemic. So, ecosystems that keep us alive are gone. Also, special animals that live there.

Tropical rainforests are being destroyed fast. Others exist. But, Amazon and Congo are in the news. Ghat mountains in India. All are ecotourism destinations. Given, going fast.

Rainforest Destruction

Logging is a cause. Some types are worse than others. For example, clear cutting.

Also, fire. For instance, American explorers used fire to clear the land. In addition, lightening starts them. We do too on accident.

Finally, organic and ethical sources are a solution. Buy green!