Car Fuel Savings

Car Fuel Savings Rideshare Online Food Delivery Tips

Car fuel savings rideshare online food delivery tips. So, in a cab, thought to myself. Driver is slow. Maybe, that is why movie stars always say, ‘step on it’ to drivers. Well, not just the only reason.

  • Rideshare Online Food Delivery
  • Slow Steaming

Car Fuel Savings Rideshare Online Food Delivery Tips

Thus, anyone who drives a lot may benefit. For instance, Rideshare operators are car drivers for hire on a friendly basis through an app. In addition, Online Food Delivery brings eats places using a website or smartphone. Hence, this new segment needs to do same tricks.

  • Slow As We Go City Around 30 MPH
  • Steady Pace Up To 60 MPH
  • Route Management Maps
  • Don’t Idle
  • Mandatory Maintenance

Slow Steaming

Slow steaming is a best practice in the transportation industry. Works a little different with car fuel savings. Deliveries are not the same in practice. However, in principle same concepts apply.

Given, there are two types of driving. City drive slow. Leave space in front of you. Drive like a truck driver in traffic.

Along those lines, not too fast on the expressway. Cars and trucks are designed to go around 60 MPH. After, burn a lot of gas. Aero dynamics requires more gas than up to that point to go faster.

Route Management Maps

Route management maps use Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hence, Real time information. After, gives us the most eco-friendly directions.

For example, Google Maps takes traffic conditions into account. Also, we can adjust our preferences to save gas. And so, fastest and shortest route are options.

Don’t Idle

Don’t Idle. There are old proverbs about what it can do. But, really we can optimize getting in and out.

To start, don’t turn the car on until your ready. Next, use an extra battery pack instead of charger for smartphone. Finally, make a routine. Then, follow it.

Mandatory Maintenance

Mandatory maintenance, no longer routine. Trained professional required. Fix leaks in oil and tires. Get AC checked annually.