Biomaterial Algae Carbon Cleaner

Biomaterial Algae Carbon Cleaner Air Filter

Biomaterial Algae Carbon Cleaner

To start off, biomaterial algae carbon cleaner. We already know, good enzymes exists. As a result, other stuff too. But, use to reduce C02 in the air is new. Given, green is clean for oxygen.

First, is bacteria. Plus, enzymes. Thus, fungi. Hence, grows, which makes it organic. Then, compostable. It follows, ecofriendly biodegradable material.

Snacks we eat. Gets in our system and fights for our life. Ink for stationary printing. Really, cell cultures give us color for t-shirts. Also, business cards and letterhead.

Biomaterial Algae Carbon Cleaner

Biomaterial Algae Carbon Cleaner
Biomaterial Algae Carbon Cleaner

Yet, sounds dangerous. Given, we are taught to clean bacteria. However, some helps. For example, healthy food for our digestion. Enzymes are in our stomach.

Now, we go green to clear the air. Green tech integrates biomaterials into goods and services. Think, clean green. Organic to prevent harm.

Follow, trees make oxygen we need to breathe. CO2 hurts us to breathe. Also, weather is changing. In addition, forest fires. Then, dirty air. And so, less trees to fix. Who knows how it affects weather.

So, we know to filter out particles. On top of that, grow enzymes. Plus bacteria. Stuff is green. Thus, part of the green new deal.

Biomaterials Algae Air Filters

Curtains around industrial properties first product. But, use case example is a castle. And so, visualize on green homes. Can you smell the air?

Next, windows for green real estate. To start, public art in Europe. However, we here in America consider houses our castle’s.

In the first place, we wear face masks to filter particles outdoors. Then, curtains around homes is easy to see. For instance, plastic on windows is energy efficient in winter. So, that’s what algae curtains look like.

After, bioplastic. Given, a plastic air filter made of organic material. Next, biodegradable type of filter. Currently, more sustainable process is bioplastic.

Look for it. Buy it now. Eco-friendly stuff. Clear the air.